Remember now your Creator in the days of your youth, before the difficult days come…Ecclesiastes 12:1

Mission Statement:

  • All youth to be guided to know God as personal saviour, to love and serve God by creating a platform in BMC through which youth can come closer to God, counselled on their needs and become deep rooted in Christ.


  • To understand youth’s needs considering the cultural and family back-ground and mentor them through youth fellowship.
  • To involve youth in church outreach activities at least once in a month.
  • To address the spiritual needs of the nearby college students.
  • To care and lovingly guide the youth in their spiritual, emotional and all their needs;
  • To facilitate them getting closer to Christ through formal and informal learning interventions during Annual Camp, One day Retreat, youth Sun-day, college Sunday etc.
  • To facilitate Youth with adequate reading, hearing and viewing material which will help them to grow& witness Christ.
  • To fervently mentor youth to involve, own up and contribute on various areas of our Church ministry – Praise & Worship, Music, Sunday school, Mission Visits, Helping on Logistics during large events, software develop-ment, media support, Decoration, Leading outside Church programs etc.
  • To pray for the youth and have concern about their future.

Key Plans:

  • Ensure regular attendance of every youth of BMC in MYF by constantly encouraging the youth.
  • Align the youth program in such a way it will be interesting at the same time benefitting for the youth.
  • Equipping, modelling and handholding to involve in ministering to youths outside BMC (IT sector, BOP sector, students etc.)
  • To have Books & CDs circulated using the Library facility among youth; Li-aise with library team to stock up relevant books & CDs for youth
  • To work towards supporting a missionary.( raise at least 50% support by year end)
  • Mentor every youth to have an ongoing personal relationship with God which includes reading and obeying His word and earnestly praying
  • Provide a God-centred platform considering to the cultural diversity of the youth, who are from various background such as North east and Africa.
  • Establish cells in nearby colleges either by partnering or by involving men-tors from church.
  • Visit the youth homes