The season of Christmas is a wonderful time to reach out to our neighbours and friends. The kids’ choir, Sunday school, teens and youth, adult choir and quite literally the entire church gathers together to conduct an evangelistic Christmas program with the aim of reaching out to the neighbours and college students in our area. The Telugu area fellowship of our church also facilitates an excellent evangelistic Christmas program.

Furthermore, a few of our members join together and conduct evangelistic programs in various apartments where our members are residing. In all these programs, lively skits and dances as well as the Christmas message is shared and our pastor does puppet shows which enthralls the kids and adults alike. Similar programs are conducted in all our outreach centers and this helps to reach out to other new people in the outreaches. The carol singing in our church is not limited to one group visiting everyone but rather each area fellowship is assigned another fellowship and thus everyone gets to visit and everyone is visited.