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Warm Welcome to Bethel Methodist Church

Bethel Methodist Church stands as a spiritual healing agent to the society in its locality by inviting the seekers to worship God and caring the suffering people by praying and announcing the love of God that brings peace into their lives. The Methodist Church is a protestant mainline Church in the Episcopalian Order. (Refer to the Articles of Religion for more details). 

The Bethel Methodist Church is a unit of The Methodist Church in India under the Bangalore Regional Conference in Bangalore District.

Rev P Koilraj is the pastor of the Bethel Methodist Church and he pastors both the Tamil and English congregations.  We,  as members of BMC and the pastor, welcome you to attend and be a part of our church. 

Service Schedule

Sunday Worship

7:30 am – Tamil ; 10:00 am – English ; 6:30 pm – English


First Sunday of every month

Dawn Service

6:00 to 7:00 am – 1st day of the month (excluding Sunday)


6:30 to 9:00 pm – 1st Friday of every month

Sunday Fellowships

8.30 am: Sunday School
8.45 am: Teens Fellowship
8:45 am: Youth Fellowship
9.15 am: Young couples fellowship  (all 2nd Sundays)
9.15 am: Women’s fellowship -Tamil (all 3rd Sundays)
12.00 am : Senior Worshipers Fellowship (all 2nd Sundays)
12.00 am: Women’s fellowship – English (all 3rd Sundays)
5:00 pm: Kannada Prayer Meeting


Glad to announce about the Whitefield Methodist Church, branch of Bethel Methodist Church         

Sunday Worship Service Timings:

8:00 am - Tamil Service; 10:00 am - English Service (communion service at 2nd Sundays)

9:00 am - Sunday School (English, Tamil)

Contact details:

Rev. P Koilraj : 80072 75630 (Pastor in charge, Whitefield Methodist Church) E mail: pastor.bmc@gmail.com

Mr. Franklin: 9916539185, Mr Atheejoe: 9731311228, E mail: atheejoe@gmail.com

Location Address:

St.Joseph Convent,
Near St. Lourds Church
Whitefield Main road,
Whitefield, Bangalore- 560 066

News and Events

Upcoming Events:

October 2018:

Harvest Festival (English): 7th Oct 2018 (Sunday, 11:30 am)

Quarterly Quiz (Q3) Competition – 28th Oct 2018 (Saturday 6:00 pm)



Teens&Youth Sunday – 28th Oct 2018 (7:30 am & 10:00 am Service)