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Warm Welcome to Bethel Methodist Church

Bethel Methodist Church stands as a spiritual healing agent to the society in its locality by inviting the seekers to worship God and caring the suffering people by praying and announcing the love of God that brings peace into their lives. The Methodist Church is a protestant mainline Church in the Episcopalian Order. (Refer to the Articles of Religion for more details). 

The Bethel Methodist Church is a unit of The Methodist Church in India under the Bangalore Regional Conference in Bangalore District.

Rev. James Jayakumar and Rev. S Selvan Jeyaraj are the pastor's of the Bethel Methodist Church and they pastors both the Tamil and English congregations.  We, as members of BMC and the pastor, welcome you to attend and be a part of our church. 

Service Schedule

Sunday Worship

7:00 am – Tamil ; 09:30 am – English ;

04:00 pm Telugu ; 6:30 pm – English


First Sunday of every month

Dawn Service

6:00 to 7:00 am – 1st day of the month (excluding Sunday)


6:30 to 9:00 pm – 1st Friday of every month

Sunday Fellowships

8.15 am: Sunday School
8.30 am: Teens Fellowship
8:30 am: Youth Fellowship - Tamil
9.00 am: Women’s fellowship -Tamil (all 3rd Sundays)
11.30 am : Senior Worshipers Fellowship (all 3rd Sundays)
11.30 am: Women’s fellowship – English (all 3rd Sundays)


Glad to announce about the Whitefield Methodist Church, branch of Bethel Methodist Church         

Sunday Worship Service Timings:

8:00 am - Tamil Service; 10:00 am - English Service (communion service at 2nd Sundays)

9:00 am - Sunday School (English, Tamil)

Contact details:

Senior Pastor Rev H. John Wesley : 9620126903 and Pastor Rev S. Selvan Jeyaraj : 9663613176

(Pastor in charge, Whitefield Methodist Church) E mail:

Mr. Franklin: 9916539185, Mr Atheejoe: 9731311228, E mail:

Location Address:

St.Joseph Convent,
Near St. Lourds Church
Whitefield Main road,
Whitefield, Bangalore- 560 066

News and Events

Join our Church Service at every Sunday 7:00 am in Tamil, 9:30 am in English, 6:30 pm in English Contemporary worship service:     

Click here to join our Online Church Service

Upcoming Events:


Story of Scripture

headerIsn’t it amazing to know that the God who made heaven and earth also likes to communicate with me at an individual level? that too in an ongoing basis!  But, how can I make sure that I hear all that he says? and hear so clearly not just the words, but could truly comprehend his mind behind what he says as well?

Here is an opportunity for each one of us, to experience exactly this, along with the members of our own church.  That is by grasping the words through which he chose to reveal himself!  But, with so many pages in the Bible and my busy schedules, how can I ever can do that? Here is a program just for you!

SOS Recordings are available here: Story of Scripture You Tube Channel Link

Click Here to Register for the Story of Scripture Program!!

Story of Scripture is a journey through the entire bible that starts on the 1st week of July 2020 and runs all the way up to the last week of Feb 2021 (excluding December 2020). This program has been designed in consultation with a Bible scholar.

A participant who registers for this learning program will go through the following:

1. Weekend: Online Group Discussion and Presentation (1.5 hours)

Day and time will be decided based on participants’ preference. During these weekly meets, first 30mins will be spent on a group discussion, discussing the questions handed over for the previous week’s study, followed by a 1-hour presentation on next week’s Bible portion. The presentations will present the distinct message of every book in the Bible & its relevance for today and will explain how each book fits into the larger story of the Scriptures.

2. Weekday: Reflection (1 hour)

A reflection handout will be given with some Bible portions to read and some reflection questions. You will also have some video clips to watch. The time commitment required per week will be about 1 hour. The handout will be divided into six portions so that you may choose to use this for your daily devotion through the week or you may do it at your own pace.

A Typical Week’s Plan:


Schedule and Structure of the Entire Program:

Click here to open the PDF file on “SOS – Master Schedule”


Who will be the presenter?

Presentation will be done by internal resources drawn from Bethel Methodist Church & Whitefield Methodist Church. A team will review each presentation prior to the actual presentation. At certain key junctures, we will be having presentations by Bible scholars.

What if while undergoing the training program, I suddenly become busy in office? or at home?

You can choose to temporarily slow down committing to spend 15 mins a week and attending the 1hour weekly presentation, until you can fully participate in this study program.

Is there a registration cost?

No, this learning program is entirely free. Also, all the resources required for this program will be available for free.  We will also share details about videos, books and web-learning which one could invest in for deeper study.

I do not belong to Bethel Methodist Church or Whitefield Methodist Church, can I participate?

Although this program is run by and for BMC and WMC, we will be more than happy to have others as part of this program.

I am not comfortable talking in group discussion (GD).  Can I be a silent participant?

You are most welcome.  A keen learning spirit is all that is required. One need not be vocal in the group discussions. Though we keep encouraging (not compelling) everyone to speak up as GD is considered as a community learning exercise.

What is the purpose?

(i) Understand the big story of what our God is doing in this world, and recognize that even we have a place in that grand story. Our lives count!

(ii) Be equipped to be a lifelong student of the Scriptures who can effectively place a portion of the Scripture he/she reads in the context of the bigger story.

(iii) Opening our “lifelong journal” on list of things God is seeking us to obey

(iv) Learning to “learn” from fellow believers and “share” with them the profound truths God will lay on our individual hearts in a unique way as we navigate through this journey.

(v) It is our prayer that as we learn more about God through the Scriptures, even our feeble minds can with his help begin to know him more deeply and our hearts will respond in love and obedience to our great God.  Then we are no longer just students of his word but God’s disciples and his pilgrims as we journey through life in this world.

Who can join?

Not just adults! Youth, teens, pre-teens, everyone who can understand and listen to 1hour of presentation. Special effort will be made for the presentation to be engaging using maps, pictures, videos, anecdotes etc. Discussions will be in English.

Click Here to Register for the Story of Scripture Program!!