We took sweet counsel together, and walked unto the house of God in company – Psalm 55:14


Mission Statement:

  • Help every BMC worshipper to study the Word (Bible) together and help them to meditate the Bible regularly
  • To help members to have closer, meaningful fellowship and support each other in spiritual growth and prayer
  • To encourage the group to be mission focused & mission involved 


  • Regular meeting twice a month (English: 2nd and 4th Sat; Tamil: 1st and 3rd Sun)
  • Systematic Bible study (preferably inductive) with time for prayer and fellowship
  • Work towards all BMC worshippers belong to that area, attending the area fellowship
  • Encourage mission thrust in area fellowship:
  • Prayer time for mission needs in each area fellowships
  • Apartment level / home level Christmas outreach program
  • Work towards supporting a mission thru Prayer & Finance
  • Involve in one of the BMC outreach / Neighbor hood outreach
  • Own up a state & pray for the needs regularly
  • Have at least 20 Bible studies in this year (except Dec, one each in April & May)
  • Plan the syllabus for the entire year (June 2015 – May 2016)
  • Help along with membership team to talk to new members coming from respective areas after the service; Help them getting in to area fellowship and fellowship of church.

Key Plans: 

Top two

1. Identify outreach need of BMC or a neighborhood mission need and involve as area fellowship

2. Target to support missionary thru finance (at least partial) & prayer

Other Key Plans

3. Area fellowship leaders meet for sharing & prayer (once a quarter atleast)

4. Plan meaningful time for kids during area fellowships which kids would enjoy

5. Plan one mission field visit by all area fellowship members (one day or two day)

6. Own up a state in India & Pray for the needs

7. Two additional area fellowships


Language Name of AF

Study leaders

Syllabus for Bible Study

English AF Marathahalli Members taking turn Study- Book of Acts & Synoptic Gospels
Hoodi Members taking turn Study on Book of Ephesians & Busyness
ITPL Members taking turn Study on Peter / Acts
Whitefield Members taking turn Women of the Bible
BethelNagar Dr.Rajkumar & Mrs.Selina Mohandas Quiz books / Study on Relationships
KR puram Dr.Vivek AG & Dr.Solomon The Discipline of Solitude
Tamil AF Hoodi Anban Study on Philippians
Kodigehalli Jabez and Wilfred Small prophets
Bethelnagar Dr.Solomon Parables of Jesus
Devasandra Mrs.Sheila Dinakar Discipleship
Priyankana-gar Bernard & Johnson / Uma Johnson Doctrines
Marathahalli Rev.Tilak & Dr.Mrs.Santhi Tilak Study – Matthew & Mark
Telugu AF Telugu Members taking turn Discipleship
Kannada AF Whitefield Ashok Doddanna Discipleship
Hindi AF Whitefield Jays & Anisha Discipleship