Realizing the need for teens to be specially guided in the Word of God, Teens Fellowship gathers regularly in the Church.

Mission Statement:

Each Teen will be guided to know God as personal saviour, to love and serve God.

‘Let our sons in their youth be as grown-up plants, And our daughters as corner pillars fashioned as for a palace.’ Ps 144:12


To nurture and mentor every Teen through regular Teens meetings.

To holistically care for the Teen beyond Teens meeting time developing deeper and lasting relationships with them to become trusted advisors for life time.

To bring them closer to Christ using other platforms like annual camp, one day retreat, etc.

To facilitate Teens with adequate reading , hearing and viewing material which will help them to grow in Christ.

To make Teens mission minded all through by involving them in various mission activities, mission visits etc.

Each teen to be guided to know God as personal saviour, to love and serve God, will know they are loved and valued by God and by our church.

Each teen will be guided to develop and sustain a passion for God’s word to meditate and obey

Each teen will be guided to pray earnestly for him/her as well as for others

Each child will be guided to be sensitive to the needs around; and instilled the discipline of contributing to them

Key Plans

Top 2 Plans

  1. Help and facilitate teens in participating in mission and social concern activities.
  2. Help & facilitate towards every Teen becoming regular in having quiet time with God

Other key Plans

  1. To plan the yearly syllabus for weekly teens meet.
  2. To ensure regular attendance of every Teen of BMC.
  3. To increase the involvement base by identifying more members to help in Teens particularly in reaching out Teens outside BMC(School and college Students)
  4. To have Books & CDs circulated using the Library facility among Teens; Li-aise with library team to stock up relevant books & CDs for Teens