How will they preach unless they are sent? Just as it is written, “HOW BEAUTIFUL ARE THE FEET OF THOSE WHO BRING GOOD NEWS OF GOOD THINGS!” – Romans 10:15

Mission Statement:

  • BMC as a church is committed to involve in missions locally at Bangalore, at our state Karnataka, at other states of India and at other countries as practically as possible (Acts 1:8)
  • Making BMC as mission minded and mission centered
  • Develop and equip members of our church to lead and participate in mission activities

Five Year Objectives

  • Church Planting – Develop at least one Church through Missions of BMC and have a pipeline of outreach ministries
  • Reach the Unreached: Partner with Mission Organizations to spread Gospel – Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, Ends of the World. Minimum support for 5 missionaries
  • Expanding Relevance to Neighborhood: Three Programs for Neighborhood to reach them
  • Enable minimum 60% of Members to be engaged in Mission activities of the Church


  • Encourage every wing and fellowship group of BMC mission minded and facilitate these fellowship groups (area fellowships, Youth, WSCS, Sunday School) to take part in outreach activities.
  • Encourage every BMC dept. to be mission minded and mission oriented.
  • Have special effort to minister to nearby college campuses and IT groups
  • Bring out mission needs through Bethel Tidings and special BT supplementary
  • Make BMC pray for various mission needs (inside & outside BMC) through various prayer platforms of BMC; Bring out Various mission needs as pray-er points at the special BT supplementary.
  • Have various mission leaders share during Sunday service and other platforms

Key Plans

A) Taking White field outreach to next level

i) In terms of growth in new members
ii) Starting an English Fellowship
Iii) Taking the engagement and fellowship with the members to the next level through regular house visits, prayer digest, etc
Iv) Initiate the Building Project
v) Form core team among members which would grow into Wings of the Church
vi) Taking the Sunday class to next level through focused scriptural education

B) Taking Irula outreach to next level

  • i) Focussing on the children in the age group on 12 to 20 years through regular follow up and work with IEM Missionary to come up with a sustained development program
  • ii) Conduct two medical camps
  • iii) Sponsor 2 Irula children to IEM hostels

C) Taking Priyanka Nagar outreach to next level

  • i) Identify BMC families who would work with COME missionaries in this mission
  • ii) Identify members who could regular come to church and motivate them
  • iii) Assist COME missionaries in English classes

D) Come up with a plan for Sadarmangala Outreach to reach out to more members in that area

E) Working towards every fellowship group, wings of BMC, mission centered and to help them progressively involve in one mission or the other.

F) Use the entire Christmas season for outreach

G) Bringing out BT supplementary on mission needs (inside & outside BMC) for prayer

H) Raise finance & prayer support for one missionary

I) Survey mission work in Karnataka

J) Focused sessions to reach out to NE students, African students, college campuses, IT group

K) Feasibility study and using / sponsoring of Theological college students (Studying or those who just completed studies) for ministries and outreach needs of BMC in a long term basis