Speak to one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord. – Ephesians 5:19

Music is a very captivating creation of God and is a powerful tool to touch people. God has entrusted this talent on us so that we could spread the peace of God to everybody else. Harvest is plenty, workers are scarce – Luke 10:2

Mission Statement:

Using Voice, Music, Media skills to Glorify God and build His kingdom


  • Identifying music and Media talent
  • Equipping & involving them in BMC ministries
  • Reaching out using Music

Key Plans 

Top two

  • Media team formation (Media Team Workshop, Video & Audio Recording)
  • Monthly comprehensive planning for music support for all 3 services and other spl services

Other key plans

  • Voice Training, Choir practice
  • Tamil Choir
  • Pre service singing & Pre service singing team to continue support for service hymnal singing
  • Forming three or more teams to manage music for all services & identify more New People for Organ
  • Media equipment upgrade for effective use of mezzanine floor (altar lighting, Audio speakers, camera, LCD screens)
  • Installation of LCD screens on the mezzanine floor and the hardware soft-ware to support this
  • Music & singing help during Christmas outreach efforts
  • Print “BMC Chorus” book – A book we could use in our area fellowships, outreach, when projector fails etc. All songs provided with Chord notations, chords help page for keyboard and guitars, history/details of songs etc
  • Effectively help the Christmas stage drama with music, songs, background music, effects etc
  • Purchase of “Electronic drum”, new guitars, keyboard
  • Creation of a “Next Gen” music group – A team formed by kids only (age less than 20)
  • Involve Youth / Teens in Praise & worship